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Title: Kenwood Head Unit Compatibility
Post by: Alaric on January 16, 2009, 12:05:44 pm
Hi Guys,

I have a Kenwood Music keg which is hacked and using a 250gb HD (160gb actual space as i still have a USB 1.1 cradle) which is awesome. I got it as i have a squeezebox system in my house and have ripped all my cd's to  FLAC and the phatbox works great with flac.

I'm curently using a Kenwood KDC-W7537U which works quite nicely with a Music Keg 710. I also have an Ipod connection which i tend to use for Audio Books and it makes a nice little system.

I've also picked up the BT200 bluetooth add on, but have yet to fit this and check it works/passes through the keg etc.

However i also have a tom tom sat nav with speed cameras, which i sometimes use....However i have noticed that kenwood do a Nav add-on for thier DVD head units.....Which would make an even better system to my mind. However i'm wondering about compatibility with the Music Keg

I did pick up an old KVT-627dvd and KNA-G520 for about the price of the sat-nav alone....However on just bench testing (without the keg), the HU seems a little dated and it will not work with the BT adaptor, so i'm thinking of scrapping it and maybe heading for the 729/829 or the new 522, which being a single box solution would be much easier.....however I am also wondering about the Keg compatibility - Is there a list anywhere, or pot luck or what ???

Title: Re: Kenwood Head Unit Compatibility
Post by: Alaric on January 16, 2009, 03:37:50 pm
Hi there,

Further to this i've checked the install instructions for the 522 and it doesn't have a 5L bus port as kenwood have been moving away from this and now use a square connector - Interestingly the BT200 has a round 5L Bus connector and a round to sqare adaptor - The onward chain from this can be either as it has both ports off the back of this.....I've no idea if using the BT200 as a intermediate to change square to round would work, but sounds a bit too much of a risk !

Maybe i'd be better with a two box 729 / 829 ???

Title: Re: Kenwood Head Unit Compatibility
Post by: Alaric on January 16, 2009, 03:44:13 pm
Hi There,


Would indicate someone has a 729 with a keg....I'd guess the 829 would also work then !

Title: Re: Kenwood Head Unit Compatibility
Post by: markbowen on January 17, 2009, 12:33:09 pm
2007 and older model HUs will work fine with the Keg.  That includes the 729 and 829.  Models from 2008 on do not work, apparently even if it appears to have the right connector, as one user discovered for himself and eventually confirmed with Kenwood.

However, if you go with an older HU, some of the features of the BT200, such as SMS notification, will not work (though even with the right HU, it depends on the phone model).  I checked into that myself, as I have a DNX7200 with the older BT100, and wanted to upgrade to the BT200, but realized it wouldn't be worth it.

Download the 2007-2008 catalog to choose a HU that will work with the Keg: (

Dig around here for more bluetooth info: (
Title: Re: Kenwood Head Unit Compatibility
Post by: Alaric on May 19, 2009, 04:02:10 pm
Hi there,

I now have a KVT-829dvd unit in my new(ish) Audi S8 - I have the phatbox working which is great. Due to all sorts of ebay deals i ended up with loads of other kenwood add-ons. Including both the 100 and 200 - The 100 certainly works and passes through the music keg (phatbox) no problems.

I have an N95 and while not listed seems to synch and make calls without a problem. Holds past numbers but the phone book doesn't seem to work.

I have tried the 200 and with the phone i get the phonebook downloaded and it seems a little slicker....maybe with an BT update on the firmware it'll do more. However it doesn't seem to like to pass the music keg - Sometimes it recognises it, sometimes not and the time it did, it was acting irratic.

Think kenwood have pretty much cut the music keg out....Shame as its awesome.

I think the 829 is probably the best head unit that it'll work with.

Title: Hi,
Post by: William44 on July 30, 2009, 10:59:59 am
Kenwood released their I-K50 car head unit that features support for Apple’s iPod and iPhone with its front-mounted USB port.