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Phatnoise Media Manager / Re: Place to download PMM 3.92 ?
« Last post by cupnoodles on October 13, 2021, 03:32:36 am »
Phatnoise media manager

Phatnoise music manager
Phatnoise Media Manager / Re: INFO: Availablity of PMM and the servers that support it
« Last post by nackuk on December 26, 2020, 11:47:37 am »
In case anybody out there is wondering Phatnoise Music Manager and the DMS work really great with windows 10. Just plug in the usb and install the software and the DMS will be recognised without an issue. Its really great once more.

A little bit late, from my experience ditch the windows 10. I have not (along with some others here) had any luck with Windows 10. I use VBox VM's of Windows 7 Home for the DMS tools and XP for the PMM 1.87 I have.,5392.0.html
Also talks about similar issue with Windows 10.
Buying and Selling / FS: Kenwood Music Key KHD-C710 (Audi A6) 80Gb
« Last post by eddy123 on November 02, 2019, 12:20:36 pm »
Well not sure if this is to any interest for anyone but have one for sale which I should have sell in 2016 when I removed it. I have the long Audi cable, 80Gb disk (DMS) and USB cradle. Further I can add all the related Phathack files if interest and AT&T Natural Voices. Its still cool to use anno 2019! :-) ps I'm in Europe!
I am trying to create a new DMS using a 240GB mSATA SSD with IDE - mSATA converter.

All runs smoothly until the at the last moment when the progress bar finishes and the message Your New DMS is ready is displayed, then windows shows an exception - Data error (cyclic redundancy check). - see attached text file. Then the PhatHack DMS Tools just hangs...  If I eject the DMS (in Windows), or choose to "quit" after Windows reports the exception error, and then remove the DMS.  When the DMS is put back into the cradle - the DMS isnít recognised by DMS Tools it hangs, and so too Windows says there are two local drives but hangs if I try to access them.

I if take the SSD out of the DMS and connect it to my Mac I can see that the Phatsys and Phatdata are there along with what looks like all the files, but the Phatbox doesn't recognise the DMS.

I've tried several times (each time reformatting the SSD to FAT32 using my Mac before starting again) and always exactly the same result, also running Windows in Safe mode and it's still the same.

I am using Windows 10 (with all updates installed), and running PhatHack DMS Tools (Elevated Rights) as administrator.

If anyones still out there and has any ideas.....
Here's the non-activation version of PMM 3.92 (it asks for details after install on first startup, but doesn't try sending anything).

I just downloaded it and installed it on my machine:

PhatNoise Media Manager v3.92 Non-Activation
Ah, not sure what's happened to, but I'll get you a link.  There's a lot of installers up for different version, I just can't remember what's what!
Any chance you could reupload the file?

When I download and run it, it says the archive is corrupted.

Phatnoise Media Manager / Re: Place to download PMM 3.92 ?
« Last post by nabeelr on August 06, 2019, 12:18:44 am »
Sorry to revive a dead thread, but does anyone have updated links for the software listed above?

They all seem to be broken links now.
Phatnoise Hardware Support / Re: Kenwood Stereo Compatibility List (non S220A)
« Last post by VorTechS on July 11, 2019, 02:33:02 pm »
Thanks for the information!  I've updated the list! :)
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