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PhatBox Hacking / Re: Problems creating new DMS
« Last post by VorTechS on August 21, 2017, 07:42:43 am »
Sorry, I never saw your original message otherwise I'd have replied to it.

@dsmdave: are you getting an error, or just not having your DMS recognised?
PhatBox Hacking / Re: Problems creating new DMS
« Last post by beckfield on August 19, 2017, 03:39:11 am »
I never got a reply, and I have since sold the vehicle that supported the Phatbox, so it's no longer an issue.
PhatBox Hacking / Re: Problems creating new DMS
« Last post by dsmdave95 on August 18, 2017, 09:21:17 pm »
Did you ever find a resolution to this? I cannot get my new drive to be recognized either.
I still have all the source code to hand.  So let me know if you need an updated version!
For Sale:
2x Music Keg KHD-C710 , one is original, one is phathacked
2x DMS 10G , one drive is swapped with a 40Gb drive because the original broke down
1x original Kenwood headunit to Keg cable
2x cradle (both usb1.1 but i modified one to usb2.0)

To be honest, i dont know if its all still working because i switched to other stuff a couple of years ago and this stuff is stored in the shed since then.
Wanted to throw it away, but i then i thought maybe someone on this forum likes a challenge....

Shipped from the Netherlands, Europe.
Wow, so it is possible to rebuilt a failing disc. Can you be more specific on the tools you use to repair the disc?
I suspected the problems were due to cluster size of the new formatted dms.

Grtz mdp
If I remember correctly, you sent me a testing version some tiem ago, but it never worked. My memory is not any good, but maybe there were problems with supporting DLLs or something like that (maybe I even told you :))). I'll try to find it and test again.

I've never been happy with my calculations on the partition creation side of things, so I can wholly believe there's an issue from the perspective. 

I think I had a version that uses a different calculation - and I sent it out for testing, but I don't recall ever getting feedback as to whether or not it was resolved, or if it was ever rolled into the last public version of the tools.
Not too much of a big deal for me, I just default to XP because of my personal industry experience. I have the Win7's in VM's now and they work. But if you want to try and work out the bug, I'm willing to be the tester. I did try to find 2.10 but I didn't look hard enough find it to see if it replicates the same error. I can remember trying the another version, I tried since post and it threw the error, I think 2.13.or 2.12. I know the other versions don't function in grabbing the online files, but the net error is at the beginning. That is as far as I have gone. I can get details of the OS versions and stuff but I'm down with a failed SSD on the machine I setup for the moment.

Also another note for the forum buried in the forum I came across that really helped.
If you make a drive and you can see it in windows and load music on it, but it doesn't load in the player. Then chkdsk the DATA partition.  The OS's missed complaining about the data partition, think one of the 7's complained once and I wrote if off as anomaly. I only found out when I checked with g-part that the Data partition was out of range. Since the newly created drive failed to load in the player. I used Win7 to do the chkdsk repair. The drive I re-setup has been rock stable in the player ever since. Loads every time since and no random no CD error.
Phatnoise Media Manager / Re: phat noise not working
« Last post by VorTechS on June 01, 2017, 09:32:45 am »
PhatHack MM also has options to transcode media to a flat format.  Obviously this will cause the transfer process to be slower while it does this, so it's a trade off on how you want to proceed.

Once I get my CarPC back up and running (car has been off the road for a while with a damaged axle), I'll be looking to fix / re-write it, so if you do use it and need things sorting out, let me know!
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