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PhatBox Hacking / Re: DMS SSD Solution
« Last post by VorTechS on May 09, 2019, 11:02:34 am »
You can't simply create partitions and copy files to them.  The partitions must explicitly start at a given offset, 1024 I think.  The phatbox checks this.
Phatnoise Hardware Support / Re: DMS Tools Dead End
« Last post by VorTechS on March 27, 2019, 04:30:37 pm »
I can't see why you'd be having any problems internet related, and you shouldn't have any issues running through VirtuaBox in theory either.  (Although the USB support seems to be a bit ropey in my experience).
The firmware is downloaded from a store, there's probably no reason why I shouldn't at some point download it all and package it with the tools.  But this way has mostly worked!

There are a bunch of Log files that get generated by the tools: Documents\PhatHack Media Manager\Logs

You can take a look in these and see if there's anything shouting about whether or not the process is truly working.

Where abouts in the UK are you?
Phatnoise Hardware Support / Re: DMS Tools Dead End
« Last post by Au2ro2 on March 26, 2019, 12:50:33 pm »
I had similar issues with a windows 10 virtualbox on Linux, specifically with formatting a new larger drive and getting it working in the DMS, but I ended up building a separate PC for phathack use with old parts I had lying about.
Phatnoise Hardware Support / Re: DMS Tools Dead End
« Last post by thirtyonetenseventhree on March 25, 2019, 08:54:35 pm »

I will try to replace the drive as you say - my only worry is that everything I do I have to do through Windows 7 on a Windows partition on a Mac - this all feels very unstable. I don't really have access to a PC. Anyone have any experience of hacking this way? Currently the old DMS is behaving in the cradle - guess there's nothng to lose any tips on this (DMS Tools and Apple) would be helpful.

Thanks for the response. Much appreciated.

Phatnoise Hardware Support / Re: Kenwood Stereo Compatibility List (non S220A)
« Last post by mireczek on March 25, 2019, 01:11:19 pm »
Kenwood PSW9531 + Phatbox VW mod to KEG(cable full pin mod and soft hack) --- fully compatybile(just like normal KEG)
Phatnoise Hardware Support / Re: DMS Tools Dead End
« Last post by Au2ro2 on March 21, 2019, 04:02:06 pm »
If your Phatbox is hacked the best way to fix the original issue would be to replace the hard drive in the DMS, you can get a 2.5" ide drive quite cheaply and it is easy to open the DMS and replace the drive.
If your Phatbox is not hacked do it now while the original drive in the DMS still works.
Phatnoise Hardware Support / DMS Tools Dead End
« Last post by thirtyonetenseventhree on March 20, 2019, 09:03:22 pm »
Hi All,

Been struggling with a whole mess of intersecting problems. I have a phatbox in an audi with factory head unit. My DMS died a little while ago (the cradle does read it but it's on its last legs making all sorts of noises). I bought a GM one on Ebay as a replacement figuring I could just change the firmware. This has proven impossible so far. Using the DMS tools I can select Audi Native 7.02 in the drop down list. Once I click on 'update firmware' the progress bar reads 'downloading player files' it takes forever and eventually says 'update successfully completed' but current firmware is still listed as Kenwood and nothing has happened. Certainly no green activity light blinks on the cradle. I can put data on it with media manager so I think the cradle works okay. Funnily enough the head unit initially sees the DMS but just scrolls really quickly through all the track numbers without playing any of them. Eventually it goes to 'No CD'. The caveat here is that I am using a Mac with a Windows (7) partition. I'm sure when I downloaded the tools years back that the firmware comes within that and is held locally on the drive - or am I mistaken? I'm wondering if the internet connection might be the problem although the computer connects fine to the internet through Explorer and I have enabled the DMS tools to access the internet in the preferences. Any ideas anyone? Perhaps anyone in the UK can help out if it's beyond my meagre understanding of these things? Thanks all.
PhatBox Hacking / Re: DMS SSD Solution
« Last post by Au2ro2 on March 11, 2019, 09:40:49 am »
I am now using a mechanical 250GB drive as I still cannot get the mSATA and IDE convertor to work. I might try cloning the mechanical drive to the mSATA to see if that works.
PhatBox Hacking / Re: Formatted my DMS by mistake
« Last post by smalltownguy2 on March 06, 2019, 07:12:37 pm »
Never mind, I'm an idiot. I see that running the tools app as Administrator helps the different firmwares to show up. I think I've fixed things, we'll see.
PhatBox Hacking / Formatted my DMS by mistake
« Last post by smalltownguy2 on March 06, 2019, 06:51:32 pm »
Accidentally formatted the hard drive in my DMS, and now I'm stuck. How do I rebuild the DMS? I do not have any backups of the firmware stored anywhere. Is there somewhere I can download firmware to rebuild the DMS partitions and file structure?
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