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Phatbox files
« on: March 18, 2005, 06:02:21 pm »
Anything we think we know about the purpose of the mentioned Phatbox files can be found here

Notice: all files having a corresponding .sig file are signed! This means they cannot be changed without being rejected by the PB! Changing them might prevent you from booting your PB!

System directories (HDD):


[size=13]Data                          [/size][size=13]mountpoint for PHTDATA partition[/size]
[size=13]TTS[/size][size=13]contains all SSA audio files[/size]

System files (HDD):

[size=13]RoyalLin.ux[/size][size=13]old v1.0 kernel image (red box)[/size]
[size=13]Welcome to PhatNoise.mp3       [/size][size=13]startup sound[/size]
[size=13]WelcomeFileName.txt[/size][size=13]startup sound config[/size]
[size=13]WelcomeFileText.txt[/size][size=13]startup sound SSA[/size]
[size=13]blank.sig[/size][size=13]signature, see above[/size]
[size=13]forceupdate[/size][size=13]if this file exists (touch) a firmware update is forced[/size]
[size=13]hdparm[/size][size=13]HDD config tool, sets DMA mode, queries drive etc.[/size]
[size=13]hdparm.sig[/size][size=13]signature, see above[/size]
[size=13]linux[/size][size=13]linux kernel image[/size]
[size=13]linux.sig[/size][size=13]signature, see above[/size]
[size=13]phatbox.ini[/size][size=13]Phatbox configuration file[/size]
[size=13]pkeys2.e[/size][size=13]Playlist signature's public key[/size]
[size=13]pkeys2.sig[/size][size=13]signature, see above[/size]
[size=13]pkeysa.e[/size][size=13]System files and DMS signature's public key[/size]
[size=13]pkeysa.sig[/size][size=13]signature, see above[/size]
[size=13]playloopfile.sig[/size][size=13]signature, see above[/size]
[size=13]ramdisk[/size][size=13]supposed to contain the actual linux system[/size]
[size=13]ramdisk.sig[/size][size=13]signature, see above[/size]
[size=13][/size][size=13]startup script, mounting PHTDATA, starting phatd[/size]
[size=13]rc.sig[/size][size=13]signature, see above[/size]
[size=13]swgrli.sig[/size][size=13]signature, see above[/size]

System directories (RAMdisk):

System files (RAMdisk):

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