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Phatbox no longer recognizes non-original DMS
« on: December 15, 2013, 01:45:09 pm »
Hey all,

So I've been having a heck of a time with my phatbox lately after many years of great service.

It all started when I decided to update my music collection, since I haven't done so in awhile. My phatbox was hacked a few years ago and was running a 40gb fujitsu drive. I still have the original working 20GB DMS.

So here's the issue, I downloaded and installed the new DMStools and attempted rebuilding my drive from scratch. I've been wanting to do this, and wanted to switch to the new Phathack Media Manager... this is where things went downhill

For troubleshooting purposes, I have access to windows 7, 8, and XP. We'll keep it down to XP for now to keep things simple. I work on computers as my job, so I thought I'd be able to accomplish this...  ::)

I created the new DMS successfully on the 40GB drive using the DMStools. I told it to install VW firmware 7.02. Loaded up my music, put it in the car, and now I get a fast blinking green light after the system boots (as if it is doing a firmware update) After many attempts at getting this to work (I gave it over 30 minutes each time to complete the update), I dusted off the old DMS and checked it out in the software. It shows it has VW/Audi firmware (doesnt list version number in DMS tools). I put in in the Phatnoise Music Manager and found it is running VW/Audi firmware 7.0.

I really thought this was the problem-- the system doesn't want to upgrade the firmware. I followed the procedure, let it sit for 30 minutes, said a prayer, etc. No dice.

My last attempts at getting the box working again involved me creating another new DMS, this time with VW firmware 7.0. I still get a flashing green light, and the phatbox is not recognized.

I read on the forums that corrupting ramdisk.sig can fix this issue. I did that, but still did not fix the flashing green light.

I've tried this on my 40GB drive and a separate 60GB drive. After much regret, I re-installed the 20GB DMS that the system came with, and it fired right up. It does register that it has the hack applied, so I know its shouldn't be the non-original drives.

Here's the big question:
Is the firmware that is available via DMS tools somehow different than the original installed? Even trying version 7.0 from DMS tools will not work-- the phatbox constantly tries updating firmware when I use a non-original drive, and never succeeds.
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Re: Phatbox no longer recognizes non-original DMS
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2013, 08:24:47 am »
There's an option on the DMS tools that might be being autoset 'Reflash box'.  Make sure this is unchecked.  Or, if you go into PHTSYS\ delete the files forceupdate and forcesettings

This will stop the box doing a firmware update, which you don't really need by the sounds of it!
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