Author Topic: New Forum for ACDrive / mCD ?  (Read 5629 times)

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New Forum for ACDrive / mCD ?
« on: January 07, 2007, 06:00:09 am »
Hi Admin,

I've been hacking away at a Kenwood "ACDrive" head-unit I recently got.
I have reverse engineered the mcd.db format and written replacement software to generate them, I can even sign them using a modified phatsig.c with a different RSA key recovered from PMM.

I also have some ideas about abusing the format to change some things people have complained about (albums sorted alphabetically instead of by artist) etc.

I'd like to document my work and encourage more discussion about ACDrive / mCD head units.

Can we start a new forum for this please? Theres no obvious place for it atm.



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