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Moving away from Phatnoise...
« on: February 25, 2016, 02:33:45 am »
Im sure that eventually, I'll have to inevitably move away from awesomesauce Phatnoise. 

But what should I go with?  The thing I liked most about the concept of Phatnoise was using your own music to create your own playlist.  Its total control over what you want.  But Phatnoise isnt really supported by Kenwood at all any more, and I tried to play a bit with some new high end systems but couldnt quite find any answers to what Im not sure if I can do or not.

Yes, they will all have some form of streaming via cell phone and bluetooth, but thats not really what I wanna know.  Phatnoise was a great idea in its day, but since then, Flash Drives have quite a bit of available space, enough for me to be happy.  I have a 32 gig Flash Drive, but my head unit doesnt have a USB port.  I also have no experience with head units beyond about 2006 and sales people in stores are not able to answer my questions.  Thus, this is a question for you guys using any newer to the newest high end decks by any manufaturer.

The thing is, do you guys know if these newer decks support the ability to copy music over to the Flash Drives, then use something like an .m3u file to create a custom Playlist?