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User Agreement
« on: June 05, 2005, 09:28:56 pm »
Just a reminder of the user agreement that everyone (except for the first handfull of members) agreed to when joining this board.  This agreement is binding for all members as of 6/7/05.  If you do not wish to be under this agreement, please PM me by 6/7/05 and I will terminate your account.

This forum is not owned, maintained, or sanctioned by Phatnoise.  This is a private forum and the opinions expressed on the forum do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the administrator.

By registering with this forum you agree that you will not conduct any illegal activity here.  Offensive language will not be tolerated.  This site is for educational/informational purposes only. No information discovered through the use of this forum may be used for commercial purposes.

I reserve the right to modify any post at any time for any reason.

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